Welcome: Information Letter

Welcome to the MTech Mobile Learning Survey for Teacher Educators (whether you are teaching pre-service teachers, or offering professional development for current teachers or lecturers, and whether this is full-time or part-time). The survey is designed to identify your current uses of mobile devices. It is based on a mobile framework called the iPAC framework, originally developed by academics at the University of Hull, in the UK, and the University of Technology, in Sydney, Australia.

欢迎来到教师教育者的MTech移动学习调查(无论您是职前教师,还是为在职教师或讲师提供职业发展,不管您是全职老师还是兼职老师)。 此调查旨在确定您当前对移动设备的使用情况。此调查基于一个称为iPAC框架的移动框架,最初是由英国赫尔大学和澳大利亚悉尼科技大学的学者们开发的。

As part of the MTech Project we are interested in finding out more about how teacher educators are using specific features of mobile learning. Therefore, this survey asks you to evaluate your general use of mobile technologies in teaching. 


'Mobile devices' can be any portable, handheld devices that potentially support learning, e.g., feature phones, smartphones, tablets or media players. They can also include wearables, embeddables/ implantables, drones, and robots. Note that for the purpose of this survey, laptops are NOT regarded as mobile devices.

移动设备”可以是潜在地支持学习的任何便携式手持设备,例如非智能手机,智能手机,平板电脑或媒体播放器。 他们还可以包括可穿戴设备,嵌入式/植入式,无人机和机器人。 请注意,为了本次调查的目的,笔记本电脑不被视为移动设备。

The survey comprises multiple-choice and Likert-scale questions, with short open questions attached to each of the Likert-scale questions, spread over the following sections:

- Section A: Your Background
- Section B: Context
- Section C: Personalisation
- Section D: Collaboration
- Section E: Authenticity
- Section F: Seamless Learning
- Section G: Language & Culture


In total, the survey should take you around an hour to complete, and you can pause and save your work as often as you wish, and return to it later to finish it. There are no 'right' or 'wrong' answers! Please complete all of the questions as honestly as possible. 


All survey questions are presented first in English, with a Chinese translation below. While the working language of the project is English, respondents may choose to reply in Chinese, with these responses subsequently being translated into English by a member of the project team.


Ethics clearance for the MTech Mobile Learning Survey for Teacher Educators has been obtained from The University of Hull. On the following page, you will find an information letter about your participation in this survey, explaining that survey results will be anonymous. By agreeing to continue and complete this survey online, you agree to having your data used anonymously.


The first set of data collected was used by the Steering Committee to create a presentation for the first MTech Conference in Guilin, China, on 27-29 June 2017. The data were also made available to survey respondents prior to the conference so that they could use it as baseline data in a mobile learning case study of their own context for presentation at the conference.


Data collection is now continuing in order to inrease the number of respondents. Aggregated data will be made available on request to all participants. Participants will also be invited to attend and present at future MTech Conferences.


If you have any queries about the survey - including if you are unsure of the meaning of any of the questions - please contact either Professor Kevin Burden (k.j.burden@hull.ac.uk) or Associate Professor Mark Pegrum (mark.pegrum@uwa.edu.au).

如果您对调查有任何疑问 - 包括如果您不确定任一问题的含义,请联系Kevin Burden教授(kjburden@hull.ac.uk)或Mark Pegrum副教授(mark.pegrum@uwa .edu.au)。

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses.