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This brief questionnaire is designed to identify feminist community organisations in the UK that may be looking for ways to increase their financial sustainability and be willing to participate in research to enable this to happen.

7.7. Does it provide services solely for women?
9.9. Are your Trustees/Directors actively involved in setting the direction and strategy for the organisation?
11.11. How is your organisation funded?

Please select between 1 and 6 answers.

12.12. Interpretation of the Equality Act 2010:Has your organisation’s funding been threatened by a commissioning requirement to be non-gender specific?
14.14. If your organisation has/hasn’t used social enterprise or social investment, would your organisation be interested in participating in research to identify the advantage/disadvantages, incentives/barriers to feminist women’s organisations using these sources of income?

Please select no more than 2 answer(s).

15.15. Would your organisation be interested in learning about other women’s organisations and their experience of social enterprise/social investment?